Wellness Shots

Enjoy these healthy cold pressed juice shots and get an immediate wellness boost! 



wheatgrass tropic | $3.99 each; 6 pack price $19.99

Wheatgrass, Ginger, Pineapple
Our recipe of cold pressed Pineapple, Wheatgrass and Ginger, is rich in Protein, Potassium, Essential Amino Acids and Chlorophyll.  
A tropical new way to enjoy wheatgrass!
• Boosts Immune System and Anti-Aging Benefits

• Stimulates Circulation and Improved Digestion

• Contains Chlorophyll which Improves Cellular Function 

• Helps Neutralize Toxins and Bacteria

• Rich in Protein, Potassium and Essential Amino Acids

hot beets | $2.99 each; 6 pack price $14.99

Beet, Lime, Jalapeno
Cold Pressed Beet, Lime and Jalapeno is an earthy shot with a refreshing kick. 
Full of fiber, iron, folates and vitamins B, C , A and E. 
This shot packs a very healthy punch.
• Regulates Metabolism and Heart Rate

• Rich in Antioxidants

• Reduces acidity in body

• Encourages healthy skin, tissues, organs and bones 

Tart Cherry Boost | $2.99 each; 6 pack price $14.99

Organic Tart Cherry, Turmeric, Black Pepper
Boost your body’s wellness with this cold pressed juice shot! Black pepper naturally increases the anti-imflammatory
benefits of turmeric, to provide a delicious and enjoyable jump start to your day or night. 
• Supports immune system functionality
• Naturally improves sleep
• Aids in pain reduction
• Rich in essential amino acids
• Strong source of potassium, enhancing digestion

Turmeric blast | $2.99 each; 6 pack price $14.99

Turmeric, Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne
Rich in an oxidants and delicious exotic citrus flavor, this recipe of cold pressed lemon, ginger, turmeric and cayenne is a
great addition to your healthy lineup.
• Contains Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory Properties 
• Rich in Antioxidants and Boosts Immunity
• Provides Digestive Relief
• Boosts Metabolism 
• Stimulates Circulation