Our Promise

We aim to super-serve you and your team so that together we can supply more people on the
planet with the power to feel great. When that happens, the world’s a better place.

The Saratoga Juice Bar wholesale line of cold pressed juices has a 30-45 day refrigerated shelf life due to our cold
pressure process. That’s the process in which fresh juice is preserved using High Pressure Processing (HPP) instead
of high heat. HPP, which preserves by using extremely high pressure, extends shelf life and helps to maintain essential
vitamins, minerals and enzymes. For more information check out ColdPressured.org

Delivery to the Home or Office
E-Commerce coming soon! 

Corporate Wholesale Orders
For information about pricing and placing wholesale orders or want us in your location or have an idea for where else we should be?
Let us know by contacting Colin MacLean at: 518.369.8922 or email  juice@saratogajuicebar.com