Our Story

Our founders created Saratoga Juice Bar in Saratoga Springs, New York, a wellness center for over two hundred years. This amazing legacy inspires us to create the kind of products that you deserve. Our belief is that life can be better every day through healthier lifestyle choices. We’ve learned from experience that when you treat your body well, your mind and emotions will follow. Loving your body and life lets you be free.

We’re your go-to for cold pressed juices, cleanses, smoothies, supplements, fresh food and healthy snacks that fuel you to go conquer your world.

You can find us where you like to shop, or at our flagship store, so you’re good to go whenever you want.

Whether it’s coaching you through your cleanse, or customizing your Saratoga Juice Bar experience, we’re here for you.

Our story is short and sweet. When you feel great, we do too.